Every year the city of Anchorage hosts a two week long celebration called Fur Rendezvous...or Rondy as it's known. This is a winter carnival and the city's biggest celebration of the year. The first weekend always features fireworks down near the mouth of Ship Creek that draw a large crowd. The location of the launch necessitates shutting down rail operations at the south end of the ARR's main classification yard and moving all haz-mat cars out of the "fall out" area. Since nothing was moving at the south end it was a perfect time for an impromptu photo shoot with a string of SD70MACs just in from a freight run. This was my first attempt ever shooting fireworks, what do you think? Anchorage, February 26, 2011. Note: the photographer is a railroad employee with permission to be on the property and was wearing all required PPE while taking this photograph.
Photo courtesy of Dave Blazejewski