Million Dollar Curve

Art Chase says of his photo, "It was a cool 50 below at my house and only 48 below in North Pole. On my way to church I could hear the chant of a couple EMD's, so hoping above hope I would catch something, I checked at Gepedo's and sure enough, ARR had a local sitting there. (Sound carries well in the cold!) I snapped a few of the Eielson Coal train sitting in the siding waiting for a crew. The ice fog made for some awsome shots with the sun directly down the lens. The are some shots of the train waiting, sitting on the fog and again later. Note that those deisels were idling in notch 3 or 4 the whole time they were setting at the siding waiting for crew. Thats the only way to keep the engines warm enough. Makes for some wonderful sound in the cold air. Photo taken with a Nikon 5700 at North Pole on January 18, 2004, temperature 48 Below Zero."
Photo courtesy of Art Chase