All in a Day's Work

Portraying the various types of work and special challenges that occur along the rails of the Alaska Railroad


First use of sidebooms - Gold Creek derailment: Three days before Christmas of 1999, a derailment of a southbound fuel train occurred at Gold Creek releasing about 120,000 gallons of jet-A fuel. Due to a winter storm that caused mudslides down around Wasilla and heavy snow from Willow to Talkeetna............... access to the site was delayed for over 24 hours. Once the spill containment operation was stabilized, the re-railing process started. For the first time in the history of the ARRC, sidebooms (aka: sidewinders/pipelayers) that were purchased to handle the new, heavier, SD70MAC's were used. In less than 4 hours on the day after Christmas, these sidebooms re-railed the 3 derailed locomotives......a process that probably would have taken days using the old method of hydraulic jacks (Hoesch) and/or the rail cranes.