All in a Day's Work

Portraying the various types of work and special challenges that occur along the rails of the Alaska Railroad



On the left is the legendary Anchorage Section foreman (now deceased), Kenny Miller. On the right is the very affable and likeable Dave Hall, who is also now deceased. Kenny and Dave were both originally from Maine and although they did not know each other then, made their way separately to Alaska over 40 years ago. Although they were both vocal and avid fisherman, Kenny's passion was sport-fishing and Dave's was commercial fishing. Needless to say, their personal viewpoints and constant discussion of the relative merits of each type of fishing provided non-stop entertainment throughout the long grueling day. Kenny Miller had the distinction of being the first Alaska Railroad foreman to four future Roadmasters. If that in itself wasn't impressive enough, he was also nominated for...and won...the title of "Anchorage Federal Employee of the Year" in 1976. Holding true to his belief that he was just doing his job, Kenny did not feel that he should be singled out for such an impressive award and another ARR employee had to accept the award for him at the presentation he chose not to go. Although not necessarily liked by everyone (he could be very demanding on those that did not pull their weight), I can't think of anyone who did not respect and admire the knowledge, loyalty, dedication and hard work that Kenny put into his career at the ARR.