Ballast Regulator
Kershaw Ballast Regulator in Talkeetna (June 2000)
Photo courtesy of John Combs
Ballast regulators perform several functions.  First, they can reclaim ballast disturbed by tie renewals prior to track surfacing operations.  Secondly, they perform precision ballast dressing and final brooming of the track.  The 10-foot wide hydraulically-articulated, directional front plow can plow out, pull in, or transfer material in a single pass while traveling in either direction. Side-mounted ballast boxes reclaim excess material from the shoulder and distribute it uniformly, as needed, for track surfacing.
The ballast regulator leaves a properly shaped, smoothly broomed ballast section with tie tops clean and cribs fully filled to assure stability, make inspection easier, and enhance track appearance. The rear-mounted ballast broom features 18" long-life sweeps that give a clean sweep of the ballast across the entire broom width. Rotation of the hydraulically-driven broom can be easily reversed for brooming in either travel direction or to move excess material away from road crossings, switches, etc.

Number Type Size Status (as of 6/6/01)
BR-11 Kershaw 40000lbs Serviceable
BR-14 Kershaw 46500lbs Out of Service
BR-16 Kershaw 40000lbs Serviceable
BR-17 Kershaw 49000lbs Out of Service
BR-18 Kershaw 49000lbs Serviceable
BR-19 Kershaw 49000lbs Serviceable
BR-20 Kershaw 37000lbs Out of Service