P-24 URB Power Car - This car was used to power Refrigerated or Temperature controlled URB's. The URB was placed on the open (Flat) part of the car, and power lines hooked up to the power unit on P-24. URB meant "Unit Rail Box" and was ARR's early term for what's now known as a Container. ARR was a pioneer in containerization and intermodal services.
The car itself started life as part of a large group of Gondolas built for the US Government during WWII. It was assigned to (and lettered for) the D&RGW. During WWII these cars were used to haul steel from the then new Geneva steel mill in Utah for the war effort. The ARR acquired these cars as war surplus. It became one of the ARR 13200 class Gondolas. In the late 1950's the sides were cut down, and it was converted to a 12500 class Piggyback Flatcar. After that it became the Power Car #P-24. 1974
Photo courtesy of the Don Marenzi Collection