G1202 and G1138 are in kind of a "bone yard" for MOW gas cars. The railroad has phased these out in favor of heavy duty crew cab pickup trucks with 4x4 and hirail capability.

Photo courtesy of Duane Frank

The following is from the story at the section car display at Potter.  "Section or gas cars carried four to five man crews and equipment to their daily jobs of track maintenance aligning and lifting track, replacing ties and repairing roadbed.  It was a chilly winter ride in this canvas-sided gasoline powered car with no heater or insulation.  Would you enjoy a ride along Turnagain Arm in -10F weather with a 50mph wind?  Section cars are light enough for the crew to lift off the tracks and out of the way of passing trains.  This car was built in 1963 and surplused in February 1986."