Pair of spreaders


A Cat 320C Self propelled Excavator, running on the rails. It has outriggers for working in place, and has hose quick disconnects, so he can jump off and work along the track Right Of Way. How neat! It also is propelled by the hydraulics of the excavator so it can move from place to place. The photos were taken at Talkeetna. Hytax is the maker of the platform. (Commentary by Jack Klingbeil)

Additional note from Jody Moore, "I was looking at this week's photos, and think I might be able to clarify a little bit. I'm not sure what Hytax is, but the self-propelled platform is made by a company called Hytracker Manufacturing, out of Kamloops, BC. (

"We have two of them down here, but they are unique because they have small diesel motors and cabs on them, and they can take pretty much anything you can put on. I've never seen any others like them.

"They come in quite handy for us. Load an excavator up, and you have an instant brush-cutting rig that can hit far more than you can do from a flat car. And it can be run by 1-2 MOW people rather than requiring a train crew."

Photos courtesy of Art Wettanen