Williams Oil Co. Switcher

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This is the core loco JRS started with. 
They  obtained it when they bought out 
Laurenburg and Southern and it's lease 
fleet a couple of years ago.
This is in the mid-rebuild stage.  You can 
see the Series 60 generator set for size 
comparisons to normal power.
This is in the stipped stage.

JRS also owns Chatahoochee Locomotive in Georgia

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Left side of switcher at Williams' Port of 
Anchorage Terminal
Front of switcher.  Not Remote 'Christmas 
Front right of CLCX 02113.

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Engineer's controls Portable remote contol box Cabinet one

From TrainOrders.com:

Williams Alaska Petroleum is getting their own switcher for Anchorage. The locomotive is moving from Chattahoochee Locomotive, Pickens, SC to Anchorage via Norfolk Southern to Memphis, TN and then BNSF to Seattle, barge to Whittier, and then ARR to Anchorage. The locomotive is listed on the UMLER computers as CLCX 02113 525 HP ALCOS4. Best guess has this as a Caterpillar re-engined ALCO S-4.  Chattahoochee Locomotive's specialty is rebuilding and re-engining ALCO switchers. The number 02113 is probably indicative of rebuild work done in 2002 and the 113th CLC project. The locomotive is painted blue and white.

"larry52576" writes: "Working on NS P95 today (Swep13) - I picked up his rebuilt S4 at Easley SC and took it to Greenville. From there I do not know which way it will go. I am guessing one of the Atlanta bound trains (119, 153 or 173) will get it tomorrow. It is a sharp unit. I had to knock off the handbrake giving me a few minutes to explore the cab. Set up for Radio Control. It has the most simple control "stand" I have ever seen - just a pipe with an oversize train set transformer mounted on top. A few gauges in the front cab wall and that's it. It even only has one seat. Very clean - very nice - great rubber floor. It has a cab overhang at the rear and ditch lights on both ends too. It made an odd sight trailing my 4 EMD's.

"P.S. It remains unlettered - just very small stenciling on the frame reading CLCX 02113. I couldn't find a frame number (and really didn't have time to look closely)."