No. 4006 the "Spirit of Anchorage" was assembled at EMD's Juniata Plant in Altoona, Pennsylvania.  It  arrived in Anchorage on February 25, 2000.
On April 3, 2000 the unit was involved in a very minor accident.  Craig McKeen, EMD Field Engineer who was on site troubleshooting the SD70MACs at the time says, "While the hostlers were moving the units around, swapping one for another, disaster struck. An apparent miscommunication between the hostlers and a split second and I was part of my first railroad accident. This was most definitely a bad omen for the ride. The 4006 (a.k.a. the Spirit of Anchorage) had collided with the side of the 4007 (as yet without a name). The scary part was that the 4007 had just completed its maiden voyage. The damage was mostly cosmetic, but it was 12:30 in the morning and no one was too happy about being rousted out of bed. After finally pulling the two units apart, we grabbed another unit and built our consist and got on the road."
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Photo courtesy of John Combs
Photo taken at Denali Depot on 7/30/02