No. 802
Built By Baldwin Loco. Works
Year Built 1942
Type Mountain
Weight on Drivers Working Order 190,850 LBS.
Weight on Front Truck Working Order 43,700 LBS.
Weight on Back Truck Working Order 38,750 LBS.
Total Weight of Engine Working Order 273,300 LBS.
Total Weight of Tender Loaded 200,300 LBS.
Total Weight of Eng. & Ten. Loaded 473,600 LBS.
Cylinders 22" x 30"
Tractive Power (85% Boiler Press.) 43,100 LBS.
Factor of Adhesion 4.4
Maximum Width Overall 10'-10"
Fuel Bituminous Coal
Brick Arch American Security
Thermic Syphons 2
Boiler Pressure 220 LBS.
Length of Firebox Inside 115 1/8"
Width of Firebox Inside 78 1/8"
Grate Area 62.5 Sq. ft.
Size of Boiler Tubes 2" x 18'-6"
Number of Tubes 181
Size of Superheater Flues 5 3/8" x 18-6"
Number of Superheater Flues 32
Total Heating Surface 2870 Sq. Ft.
Superheater 706 Sq. Ft.
Superheater Type "A"
Stoker Simplex Type "B-K"
Low Water Alarm Barco Type "F-3A"
Valve Gear Baker
Power Reverse Gear Franklin Type "E"
Air Pump 8 1/2 Cross Compound