No. 751
Class MK - Mikado Locomotive

Purchased From Northern Pacific RY. Co., Second Hand Equipment - N.P. Loco. No. 1676, Class W-1
Placed in Service Anchorage, May 26, 1942
Estimated Life  
Builder Am. Loco. Co. - Schenectady Wks. 1910
Type Mikado 2-8-2
Cylinders 25" x 30"
Dia. of Drivers 63"
Wt. on Drivers (Simplex Stoker) 208,900 LBS.
Total Wt. of Engine (Simplex Stoker) 269,600 LBS.
Wt. of Tender (Simplex Stoker) 191,800 LBS.
No Booster  
Tractive Power of Engine 50,600 LBS.
Factor of Adhesion 4.13
Hauling Capacity    Tons on Level Track
Valve Gear Walschaert
Driving Wheel Base 16'-6"
Total Engine Wheel Base 65'-11 1/4" (Eng. & Tender)
Maximum Height 15'-10 1/2"
Maximum Width 10'-5" Over Front Bumper
Air Pump 1-8 1/2" Cross Compound L.S. Only
8 Wheel Tender, U-Shaped Straight Top Tank
Under-frame Steel
Couplers A.R.A Automatic
Train Length (Eng. & Tender) 77'-0 1/2"
Fuel Bituminous Coal
Engine is equipped with Automatic & Straight Air Brakes, "Schedules 6ET, WN2 And 1412", Steel Cab, Steel Bumpers, Bar Frame, Steel Engine Truck Wheels, Steel Tired Trailing Truck Wheels, ALCO Type "K" Power Reverse Gear, Electric Headlight, Pyle-National "K2" Turbo-Generator, Standard Type "MB" Stoker, Pilot Snow Plow.
     Working Pressure 200 LBS.
     Total Heating Surface 3314 Sq. Ft.
     Heating surf., Tubes, Flues, Fire Box 2849 Sq. Ft.
     Superheating Surf. 465 Sq. Ft.
     Length 36'-6 3/4"
     Diameter 75 3/4"
     Dia. of Tubes 2" and 5 1/2". Number 230-2" and 27-5 1/2". Length=16'-6"
Boiler is Equipped with 20-MC32 American Security Fire Brick Arch, Franklin "Butterfly" Type Fire Door, Edna Water Gages, Nathan Type "11-A" Injectors, Schmidt Type "A" Superheater, Nozzle (Single) 5 3/4", Cyclone Spark Arrester