No. 1
Class A1 - Saddle Tank Locomotive

Purchased from (new equipment)

American Locomotive Company

Placed in Service Anchorage 1916
Estimated Life 20 years
Type Saddle Tank 0-4-2
Builder American Locomotive Company - Rogers Works
Cylinders 14" x 22"
Dia. of Drivers 44"
Wt. on Drivers 71000#
Total Wt. Engine 82000#
Tractive Power 15350#
Hauling Capacity 2320 Tons on Level Track
Valve Gear Link Valve Gear with Sliding Valve
Driving Wheel Base 7'-0"
Total Eng Wheel Base 14'-11"
Driving Journals 7" x 8"
Maximum Height 11'-11 1/4"
Maximum Width 8'-8"
No Tender - Saddle Tank Capacity 1700 Gallons
Couplers M.C.B. "Tower" Pocket
Train Length 27'-6"
Pilot None
Fuel Bituminous

Engine is supplied with Automatic Air Brakes, Steel Cab, Steel Tired Truck wheels, W.I. Frames, Hand Sander for Forward and Reverse and other usual Accessories, Oil Headlight.

Boiler -  
     Working Pressure 165 Lbs.
     Heating Surface 650 Sq. Ft. Approx.
     Length 12'-2 5/16"
     Diameter 43"
     Number of Tubes 106
     Length of Tubes 11'-8"
     Dia. of Tubes 2"