Alaska Railroad's 300 class locomotives were all 0-6-0 switchers.  Ten locomotives #310 - #319 were built by Lima for the US Army between Jan and March 1944  and all were transferred to the Alaska Railroad in 1946 and 47. Weighing 160,000 Lbs. they had 50 inch drivers and 21X28 inch cylinders.  All were retired in April of 1954 and went to scrap in the late 1950's.      ARR #319 was builders #8382 and US Army #4048.   ARR #313 was builders #8406 and US Army #4072.

#301 was the only second hand 0-6-0, coming from the Northern Pacific (#1042) in 1943 and eventually going to scrap in 1947.  She was originally built by Alco/Manchester in May 1906 as builders #29530 with 21X28 inch cylinders and 51 inch drivers and produced 149,000 tractive effort.

This photograph was taken at Mckinley Park in May 1947.