Baldwin VO100 ARR #1300 Blt 1945  B/N 71745.   Former USA V1801, former Hanford US Atomic Energy  #3724.   In service 1949 until 1957 scrapped 1968.  The only Baldwin diesel used by the ARR primarily in the Anchorage Yard.   This is the only photo I have seen and photographer is unknown.  Location is the Birchwood surplus yard and was taken sometime between 1957 and 1968 when the loco was scrapped.  Notice missing Harriman number board box above headlight.   Radiator canvas cover is folded in summer position.  Small number boards on long hood are installed below the two small louver sets, not above as on many VO1000 units.  There are several extra louver sets on the left side of the hood.  Locomotive used the four short stacks.
Photo courtesy of Pat Durand