Mikel Levine's photo of 1502
Oh, the mighty, how they have fallen! This once majestic locomotive is now a dining car.  Mikel took this photo in 1986 or 1987 at Yakima, Washington.  Number 1502 is part of Track 29 Dining Co.  The inside of the engine is gutted and you can walk into it from the adjoining cars.  The throttle and cab seats are still in place so people could go up and sit.  The rest of the "train" is all former Alaska Railroad and contains local craft shops and vendors.
The train is located across the BNSF tracks from the former Northern Pacific depot in Yakima.  The depot now houses Bert Grant's Brewery, purveyor of fine brews.
Photo courtesy of Mikel Levine
Photo courtesy of Doug Boyd, Americana, FP7A #1502, Yakima, WA, 9-9-98