Photo courtesy of Jerry W. Ware collection

Locomotive #505 carried Lima builders No. 7875 in February 1942 to become the U.S. Army Transportation Corps #6994. Sent to Alaska she was originally number 405 and then 505 and then back to 405. In January 1958 she was sold to F. C., deLargero in Spain after several years of storage in Whittier.

Notice all the background is cut out of this photo. During WW II and the Cold War photography of transportation facilities in Alaska was supposedly banned. My guess is that this photo was taken in Whittier, a closed military base, and to avoid problems the back ground features were removed. Most of the early railroad photos of Whittier show nothing but the bay and mountains beyond. Photographer unknown, Jerry W. Ware Collection, submitted by Pat Durand.

Jerry W. Ware retired from the Alaska Railroad and is well known as the ARR track welder who's office was known as the Doll Shop. His father, Wayne Ware was an Alaska Railroad engineer who had a modest collection of small 2"X 4" black and white photos. Jerry has offered these for inclusion in the roster section with credit to the Jerry W. Ware Collection. While these prints are small they are first generation and all provide excellent new views and details when enlarged on your computer screen. The commentary is by Pat Durand and subject to correction by anyone with more information.