This beauty was built for ICC/Panana by Alco/Brooks in January 1906.  The Alaska Railroad acquired it in January 1922, but retirement date is unknown.  In the photo above, it appears to be in the Anchorage Yard. Unknown date.
An historical footnote accompanies number 601.  In 1944, a bull moose delayed five Alaska Railroad trains, including number 601,  for over four hours.  Employees repeatedly tried to entice the moose from the tracks.  The crew eventually got off the train and tried to chase it away.  The hostile animal lowered its head and charged.  The men immediately hopped back onto the train.  They then tried to get the moose off the tracks by ringing the bell, blowing the whistle and throwing snowballs.  The moose refused to budge.  Despite the fact that moose were out of season, the Game Commission gave permission for the crew to shoot the moose.  A single gun shot brought the moose's stubborn behavior to an end.  The railroad brought the dead moose to the Eklutna Vocational School to use as meat.

Clayton Tinkham photo, Jack Klingbeil Collection