Commentary courtesy of Pat Durand: "Alaska Railroad #216, the TANANA, crossing the Trail Lakes Bridge at Moose Pass sometime between 1948 and 1952. Jim Huff reports that his dad took this classic picture of the train bound for Seward in the days when there was no highway connection between Anchorage and Seward. Built as bn 22544 by J.G. Brill in 1927, this unit was M400 and later M201 on the New York Central Railroad before acquisition by the Alaska Railroad in 1940. Originally numbered 116 she was renumbered 216 with rebuilding and blue and yellow paint scheme in 1948. This gas electric car was configured for baggage, express and 50 passengers. This odd looking doodlebug operated until 1952 and was finally retired in April 1954."

Commentary from retired Alaska Railroad employee Albert Bailey (1949-1974): "As far as I remember, that Brill car was one of two or three that were alike. Originally the roof line was straight. A master mechanic named Hughes decided to make the one in the picture streamlined looking. He lifted the roof and really screwed the looks up. Anyhow, one time that car had the rear trucks pulled out for work. The rear end was up on blocks. A crew coupled into it and pulled it off the blocks. About ruined it. This was in 1950 or 1951."

Photo courtesy of Jim Huff