The Alaska Railroad acquired GP30 #2000 new from EMD in 1963 (builder #28171).  In 1974 it was rebuilt to a GP30u and was renumber to 2504.  It was retired in 2001 and its carcass stripped before being sold as scrap to Alaska Metals Recycling.  Todd Havens of Western Rail, Inc. in Spokane purchased the prime mover and main generator from Alaska Metals Recycling.  Although it is unsure what the shipping arrangements are, this engine (16-567 D) will find it's way into another loco. (Anchorage, 8/11/84)
Added 2/7/12, Tom Koole
The heart of 2504 lives on.. The prime mover did go to Western Rails Inc. It was installed into GP-30 WRIX #2253 ex WC. It served around the Spokane, WA area for six years before being deturboed and sold to a line in Canada.

Photo courtesy of James Caflin
Dean Motis Collection