MP-15 1551
MP-15 switcher no. 1551 in Anchorage Yard, August 2002.
Photo courtesy of John Combs


Showing off fresh paint in Windsor, Ontario. July 16, 1992
Photo courtesy of Ken Anneti


This unit was built by EMD (B/D 756146-1) in 1976, acquired from the Lake Erie, Franklin & Clarion #25 in 1992 and was sold to the Broadway Rail and Equipment Company in Chicago in 2009. They turned their last revenue wheels for the ARR around 2:00 PM on March 3, 2009 and were pulled from service.

Broadway Rail turned right around and sold them and they are waybilled to Progress Rail in Tacoma. Unfortunately, they were not equipped with alignment control couplers and hence were banned from transport by the Class 1s. The owner contracted with Bob's Services in Anchorage to modify them and the ARR hauled them up to Bob's on the APU spur where the work was completed. They set sail southbound on ARMS Voyage 1006S on February 21, 2010 around 6:30 PM.