EMD MRS-1 number 1718 was built in 1952 (builder number 15883) and served two branches of the Department of Defense before working its way to the Alaska Railroad in 1977.  It originally belonged to the U.S. Army #1818 and then to the U.S. Navy #65-00574.
Ed says of his photo, "It was 24 years ago in January 1978 that I took these photos of the MRS-1s. They were newly arrived on the Alaska Railroad and were at the Anchorage Shops for a look see I suppose. The low light of a January morning did not help the photography effort, but here they are anyway. The wife and I were getting ready for a PCS move to the lower 48. Ft. Sill, OK, out of the icebox and into the frying pan."



Photograph courtesy of Ed Cooper