Number 614 is an Alco-Brooks 2-6-0 (#39135) built in 1906, ex-AEC 614, nee-ICC 614. It was acquired by the Alaska Railroad in 1922, wrecked in 1932 and scrapped in 1947. It is decorated for a special, at Nenana. Unknown date or reason for the special.

On March 27, 1932 at 1:45 a.m., passenger extra 614, northbound with one loaded freight car, one baggage car and two coaches, struck frozen snowslide at Mile 224.75, just south of Talkeetna. Engine derailed and went over the bank to the Susitna River. Freight car no. 921 also derailed. Engineer F. W. Brayford sustained bruises and burns to arms and right leg and Fireman Robert B. Lewis was killed. No passengers were injured. A relief engine was dispatched from Curry to handle the train with passengers into that point, arriving at 7:30 a.m. A special train was also dispatched from Curry to take Engineer Brayford and remains of Fireman Lewis to Anchorage, arriving at Anchorage at 10:50 p.m. A wrecking outfit was sent from Anchorage early on the morning of March 27 to pick up Engine No. 614. Work was completed by the evening of March 29 and on March 30, the wrecked engine was brought into Anchorage. -- From The Alaska Railroad by Bernadine Prince

Photo courtesy of the Don Marenzi collection