E.D. Motis #2402
Number 2402 is an E9A which was built in 1956.  It was purchased by MILW (202A then 32A) and later sold to Amtrak (#434).  The ARR acquired it in 1981 and later sold it in 1987.  Post-ARR history is Northern Railcar Leasing 10C, 1987; to Scenic Rail Dining 10C; to WSOR 10C, 1990.  This photograph was taken in Anchorage on May 13, 1984.
Photo courtesy of E.D. Motis
Amtrak no.434
This is Amtrak no. 434 just before arrival in Anchorage in September 1081. This would become Alaska Railroad no. 2402.
Photo courtesy of Gary Munsey