Number 1506 (B/N 19045) was one of the units from the first order (1952). 1500-1506 were ordered direct from EMD. On F7 units, all the even numbers are A units and all the odd numbers are B units.  These units were retired in 1983. (Anchorage, 8/71)
Photo courtesy of Dean Motis


A superb action view by Blair Kooistra of a fleeting operation: Alaska Railroad FP7's 1506/1508 lug a cut of hopper cars filled with phosphate rock towards the connection with the Union Pacific's Dry Valley branch in eastern Idaho on October 3, 1988. The aspens are golden in the background. The units, owned by Mountain Diesel Transportation, were on lease to this short-lived 12-mile industrial operation that connected mines with a UP branch east of Idaho Falls. Within weeks after this photo, the two locomotives ran away unattended and derailed, replaced by far less photogenic leased UP SD40-2s. A great view of a little-photographed operation.