MRS-1 #1718

MRS-1 number 1718 at Clear Air Force Base, 10/1/98
Photo courtesy of Curt Fortenberry

Our girl has a long and colorful history:

  • Delivered by EMD in may 1952
  • Transfer to Europe after modification to European standards
  • Tests in Germany from January 14, 1953 to September 18, 1953
  • Tests in France from September 24, 1953 to March 17, 1954
  • Tests in Belgium from April 20 to April 28, 1954
  • Transfer back to the US
  • Transfer to US Navy (at Depot at Hawthorne) in September 1970
  • Transfer to Alaska RR in December 1977
  • Service for ALCOP train from early 80's to about 1992
  • In use at Clear Site Air Force base near Fairbanks
  • January 1999: The unit was retired!
  • June 2000: The unit was purchased for $3,000 by private donors for the Museum of Alaska Transportation and Industry in Wasilla, Alaska
  • For more information, visit Stefan Nicolai's page.

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    Here is a Belgium magazine entitled Rail et Traction that has an article on pages 21-23 about #1818. Caution: this is a 12MB download. If you can't read French then click here for the translated version.

    You'll find a engineering drawing here.

    And here are two photos from Bernard Aubert of #1818 during its stint in Germany: