Number 555

Photo courtesy of Anchorage Museum of History and Art
555 builders photos

USATC 2626 was ARR 555. It's not very clear and one could just as easily read the numbers as 2828. However, it has a bell, generator, and knuckle couplers, so it's not a standard S160 and it's highly likely that it's an ARR locomotive. I'm going to take the leap and say there is no doubt that it is ARR 555 For comparison, here is USATC 1702. I believe it was the first or second Baldwin built S160. It went to Ft. Eustis, but was may have been delivered in the European style. This is the only builder's photo I've seen of the ARR S-160s. Even the BLW specifications used a photo of 1702 in European trim. This should be what 557 looked like when it rolled out of the BLW factory. - Dick Morris