No. 247 is an Alco/Cooke 2-6-0 built in 1906. It was originally built for the ICC and transferred to the AEC in 1915. It was transferred to the Alaska Railroad in 1923 and was scrapped in 1930. It is shown here after the Anchorage power plant fire, 11/16/21.

Additional commentary by Dick Morris (3/25/14) - It looks like the boilers on both locomotives are working hard and there is a pipe from the steam dome on 247 that appears to run forward of the locomotive. It also looks like whatever is spilled next to the barrels is also spilled on the rails being the rear driver. That also looks like a temporary track with the ties just laid on the ground. My guess is they were using the locomotives as a temporary steam source while the power plant was being rebuilt.

Photo courtesy of the Anchorage Museum of History and Art