Flues and tubes

Flue Sponsors
F1. Art and Wendy Chase F2. Willard C. Larson* F3. Arthur Chance F4. Arthur "Lovey" Meier * F5. Volker Lange
F6. Boyd Family F7. Pioneers of Alaska Palmer Igloo #31 F8. Pioneers of Alaska Women's Igloo #11 F9. Jeffrey McCrea F10. Weld Air Alaska - Wasilla
F11. Boyd Family F12.The Boyd Family F13. Shirley Ann Close* F14. The Boyd Family F15. The Boyd Family
F16. Jaffa Construction F17. Jaffa Construction F18. Jaffa Construction F19. Jaffa Construction F20. Jaffa Construction
F21. Jaffa Construction F22. Volker Lange F23. Volker Lange F24. Jaffa Construction F25. Jaffa Construction
F26. Jaffa Construction F27. Jaffa Construction F28. Jaffa Construction F29. Jaffa Construction F30. John & Terry Combs
* denotes "In memory of"

Tube Sponsors
T1. A.J. Farrar* T2. Tube removed, unavailable T3. A.J. Farrar* T4. A.J. Farrar* T5. A.J. Farrar*
T6. A.J. Farrar* T7. Larry A. Gauthier T8. Curtis Hamlin T9. E.A. Simpson* T10. James M. Bowden
T11. L. W. "Bill" Peters* T12. Bodie Rockfeller T13. Boyd Family T14. Boyd Family T15. Fred Walatka
T16. Ben Herman T17. Arnie Stoltenberg T18. Karl Haddow T19. Volker Lange T20. James A. Keene
T21. Frank T. Ellis* T22. Jaffa Construction T23. Gergory Durocher T24. Robert Michelini T25. June Michelini
T26. Jaffa Construction T27. Charles Taylor T28. Laverne Buller T29. Günther Scholz T30. Benedict J. Sharkey*
T31. Pioneers of Alaska Palmer Igloo #31 T32. Pioneers of Alaska Women's Igloo #11 T33. Volker Lange T34. Jaffa Construction T35. Jaffa Construction
T36. Volker Lange T37. Jaffa Construction T38. Jaffa Construction T39. William T. Stewart* T40. Jaffa Construction
T41. Volker Lange T42. Alexander Gudschinsky T43. John Samuelson T44. Billie De Vore T45. Jeannine Samuelson
T46. Günther Scholz T47. Rick Kisinger T48. Brian Davenport T49. Tanana Valley Model Railroad Club T50. Jaffa Construction
T51. Jaffa Construction T52. Jaffa Construction T53. Jaffa Construction T54. Jaffa Construction T55. Larry Gauthier
T56. Tracey and Paul Tikalsky T57. Volker Lange T58. Shirley Ann Close* T59. Finn and Sydney Shaver T60. William C. Carr
T61. Günther Scholz T62. Stephenie Wheeler T63. Doug and Judy Hoffman T64. Arthur "Lovey" Meier * T65. Jaffa Construction
T66. Volker Lange T67. Jaffa Construction T68. Jaffa Construction T69. Jaffa Construction T70. Gloria McAlister
T71. Richard Daniel Sweeney T72. Don "Pappy" Roberts* T73. Alexander Gudschinsky T74. T75. In honor of Ken Morton and Dolly Larkin
T76. Alan M. Armbruster T77. Jaffa Construction T78. Jaffa Construction T79. Jaffa Construction T80. Jaffa Construction
T81. Jaffa Construction T82. T83. T84. Alex Fratello T85.
T86. Kenneth "Skid" Roeh T87. Kenneth "Skid" Roeh T88. Jaffa Construction T89. Jaffa Construction T90. Benedict J. Sharkey*
T91. Jaffa Construction T92. T93. Emily & Gary Lewis T94. T95. Tom Hatfield
T96. T97. T98. Jaffa Construction T99. Jaffa Construction T100. Jaffa Construction
T101. Benedict J. Sharkey* T102. The Boyd Family T103. The Boyd Family T104. The Boyd Family T105. Boyd Family
T106. Boyd Family T107. Boyd Family T108. Jaffa Construction T109. Jaffa Construction T110. Meredith Fritsch
T111. Katherine Fritsch T112. Rick Fritsch T113. G.W. Fritsch T114. T115. Brian Davenport
T116. T117. Timothy Belotti T118. William Finley T119. T120. Margie Morris
T121. John & Terry Combs T122. The men who ran the steam at the 714th, Co. C, TBROS&DE, Ft. Eustis, VA, 1971-1972* T123. John and Joan Gray T124. John and Joan Gray T125. John and Joan Gray
T126 John and Joan Gray T127. John and Joan Gray T128. John and Joan Gray T129. John and Joan Gray T130. John and Joan Gray
T131. Benedict J. Sharkey* T132. John and Joan Gray T133. Benedict J. Sharkey* T134. John Henderson* T135. John and Joan Gray
T136. John and Joan Gray T137. John and Joan Gray T138. John and Joan Gray T139. John and Joan Gray T140. John and Joan Gray
T141. Rick Kissinger T142. John and Joan Gray T143. John and Joan Gray T144. John and Joan Gray T145. John and Joan Gray
T146. Elise C. Morris* T147. John and Joan Gray T148. Carol H Jarue T149. Dick Morris T150. Barbara Morris
* denotes "In memory of"

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