Caboose no. 1084 is used as a work train caboose. In storage for the winter on 11/5/98, in the Anchorage yard.
Cabooses 1065-1084 were built by Pacific Car and Foundry Co. in March 1948 and placed in service April 1949.

Photo courtesy of Randy Thompson





ARR caboose 1084 taken in Healy in November 2004. This caboose is unique among the fleet with the offset door and large window in one end of the car. It also has full roof walks and ladders still in place.

11/6/09 Update: "The 1084 has been donated to the US Forest Service for use as a cabin at Spencer. It is still here in the Anchorage Yard and will be rebuilt over the winter."

Photos courtesy of Jeff Debroeck