Photo courtesy of Robert Krol

Photo courtesy of Bob Harvey, winter 2000-2001

1076 USCG
Photo courtesy of Stewart Sterling, July 2001

1076 USCG
No. 1076 repainted a second time. "It takes a beating from the weather due to it's exposed location.
The cold, high winds and blowing snow combine to 'sand blast' it pretty good."
Photo courtesy of Bob Harvey, October 29, 2011

From Scott Banks, ARR Public Affairs: "Caboose 1076 went to the Whittier Coast Guard Auxillary and it sits in Whittier now. It was donated at our last board meeting.  They'll use half and the Whittier Chamber will use half. Right now they're trying to get paint to begin restoring it." (9/29/99) The Coast Guard painted the caboose and now has it open to the public.

Curt Fortenberry adds, "Number 1076 was built by Pacific Car and Foundry of Renton, WA, in 1949. In the mid-1970's, PC&F rebuilt many of the cabooses to include new FRA approved glazing, removal of the running boards, and other items."

Cabooses 1065-1084 were built by Pacific Car and Foundry Co. in March 1948 and placed in service April 1949.