This caboose was built from a Troop Kitchen car. It is normally assigned with locomotive cranes as tool, rigging and crew cars while bringing up the rear of the work extra. Vestibules were cut into each end with an Ajax brake wheel installed inside both ends. The rear end has a window on the left side of the door which looks out through an unglazed window opening. A back up light is centered over the rear door. Ladders on both ends and the left side allow service to the fuel oil bunker fill pipe and a roof walk extends the length of the car with electrical conduits tucked under it.

Modelers note: These cars are an ideal kit bash project for the new Walthers undecorated Troop Kitchen car.


1043 in service

1043 Engineering Caboose in typical service at Wasilla, Alaska in 2002.

Photos courtesy of Pat Durand


1043 Rotary Caboose (1039 was a similar sister car). Rebuilt by the ARR (not by an outside contractor, as were most of the ARR conversions) in September 1947 from an xUSA kitchen car (built by American Car & Foundry). It was equipped with 12 bunks, a desk, and lockers. The E suffix was added to the number in the late 1970's I think. -- Commentary by Don Marenzi