Fairbanks Depot
Photographs courtesy of John Combs

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This $22.5 million structure is located on a 32-acre site adjacent to the railroad's operations yard, near the intersection of the Johansen Expressway and Danby Street. It opened in May of 2005, replacing the terminal near the intersection of Driveway Street and Phillips Field Road. The new facility was funded through a combination of Federal Transit Administration and the Federal Railroad Administration dollars. The first train to use new depot was May 19, 2006.

There were several advantages to constructing this new facility. First, it eliminated the Phillips Field Road crossing where passenger trains blocked traffic during loading and unloading. Also, railroad workers no longer have to take apart the train to perform maintenance work and are able to turn around more easily. A four-way traffic signal and new entrance ramps were added to the Johansen and Danby intersection to allow motorists access to the depot.