Airport Depot
Photographs courtesy of Pat Flynn
Alaska Railroad Public Affairs
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This is the "northern lights" display in the tunnel. The colors and patterns vary to simulate the aurora borealis. The train pulling into the south track along the platform.

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The stairway from below. The front of the depot. The departure ramp.
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Side view of departure ramp. Pulling into the north track.
New Airport Railroad Depot
Photos by Andy Tejral
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The Alaska Railroad showcased their new $28 million federally funded depot by hauling Alaska's elite on a 20 minute ride to the airport.  On board were lawmakers, business executives, policy makers and high society folk who dined on smoked salmon and sipped chardonnay.

The airport train will operate twice a day, five days a week from May to September.  It is intended to allow cruise ship passengers to disembark in Seward, ride the rails through some of the most scenic regions in Alaska and then catch their flight at the airport.  The new station is also meant to provide commuter rail service to those living in Anchorage's outlying communities.