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3004 and Company
Fairbanks Engine House
Northern end of the ARR
Usibelli coal tipple loading coal
Inbound freight in TK 1 Anchorage Yard
Riding the point
Anchorage scale track
Anchorage shop and service yards
Seward dock/cruise ship yard
Anchorage Yard
Anchorage passenger depot siding
1516 in the Anchorage Yard
Bicentennial units 1510 & 1512 in Anchorage
Bicentennial 1512 at the Anchorage Depot
Number 1514 was fried by an electrical fire
A young Frank Dewey runs number 1605
Number 1606 coughs smoke & comes to life
Nos. 1605 & 1610 in the Anchorage Yard
Number 1802 runs the Whittier Shuttle
Whittier yard in the 1940s
Early morning in the Anchorage Yard

Nos. 1530 and 2501 in the Anchorage Yard
An unlikely pair, Nos. 1610 and 1506 (1981)
A hodgepodge of power at Healy (1980)
No. 1510 in a very busy Nenana Yard (1978)
This night shot will brighten your day
Number 3001 serves as Eielson switcher
A rare ABBBBA configuration (1980s)

No. 3015 with 3014 number board (1980)
Number 3015 at the Anchorage Depot (1982)
No. 4008 dwarfed by "Norwegian Dream"
Tour Alaska dome cars in Anchorage yard (1986)
Aerial view of the Anchorage yard (1952)
No. 1504 (ABA) in Anchorage yard (1978)
No. 1839 in Whittier (1973)
GP38 #2006 with commuter cars in Portage (1989)
#556 and passenger cars at Nenana station (1948)
#318 at Nenana towing #214 and trailer 303 (1948)
Four GP35s in a row
Five black and yellow locomotives in a row

Passenger train at the Fairbanks Depot

F7s number 1514 and 1509

F7s and tank cars

Number 2501 in the Portage siding
Numbers 3015 and 3012 at the Anchorage depot
Six locomotives
No. 3002 plus four (1975)
Fairbanks coal bunker (1974)
American container crane (1974)
Yellow crawler crane (1974)
Fairbanks yard crane (1974)
Boxcar being unloaded by forklift (1974)
Double rainbow in the Anchorage yard
Last time #557 was under steam (1962)
Whittier troop train (1960)
Seward TOFC (1957)
F units at the Anchorage depot (1984)
F units in old paint in the Anchorage yard (1978)
Seward pier

F7 #1502 leads an A-B-B-B-A lineup
The Whittier Shuttle

Retired switchers

Spreader #9

Seward coal

No. 3002 in Oregon

Work train in Portage yard (1982)
Whittier shuttle in Portage yard (1982)
The image that launches a thousand ship
Dodge Motor Home (Liebermans) and our Roadrunner (1966)

No. 3008 lash-up (1983)
Local power in Fairbanks (1983)

CN train (1983)

Anchorage yard (1989)

Number 3015 at the Anchorage depot

Airport depot

Bedtime in Boomerville, Hurricane style

Nos. 4327 and 2002 in Anchorage

Three GP40's head outside for a new paint job

Three GP40's in the freight scheme sitting in the Anchorage yard

No. 3007 in Whittier

Nos. 3002 and 3004 in the Anchorage yard (1982)
Locomotive dance

No. 1551 in the Anchorage yard

Denali in Anchorage shed

No. 2004 shunting containers

No. 3002 in the Anchorage yard

North, to Alaska!

Passenger cars in the Anchorage yard

Stryker Ramps
As nature intended it (1985)

Barge bookends

More bookends

Passage Canal

ITTX 961673 & 965401 with Ryder trucks
Aerial view of Anchorage yard
Freight scheme locomotives (1980)
Freight scheme locomotives #2 (1980)

Butchering at Birchwood (1984)

Southbound freight road power (1986)

Colorado Railcar DMU demonstrator in Fairbanks

Drone shot of Aqua Train in Whittier

Trains were waiting for the passenger to arrive

Alaska Hydro-Train dock on the north end of Harbor Island in West Seattle

Fairbanks yard (1983)

Night shot of the Ski Train in Anchorage

Drone view of Anchorage Operations Center

Drone view of CN-bound barge at the Port of Whittier

Winter Aurora passengers in Talkeetna

Assorted power in the Anchorage yard (1983)

Whittier rail yard

Fairbanks yard

Denali Express in Whittier

Night shot of SD70-T1 #4326 and GP40 #3015

Nos. 1802 & 1776 at Portage

F7A's at Anchroage Depot

F7A's at Anchorage yard

Six locomotives in freight scheme at the Anchorage yard

McKinley Park, 1512 S (1967)

Numbers 1838, 1532, 1515 and 1512 in Anchorage yard

GP49's en route to their future lives

F7 numbers 1500 and 1502 in the Anchorage Yard

No. 3003 leads a nourtbound freight at Healy



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