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Nenana Canyon
Leaving Denali
Northbound FOX (Freight Overnight Express)
Seward passenger train
Southbound passenger train crossing Denali Park trestle
North to Cantwell
Million Dollar Curve
Piggyback freight
On the way to Denali NP
Black bear at tracks
Meeting of work and gravel trains
Company work train engines in Bear Valley
South of Denali
Number 3008 at Nenana Canyon
Six locomotives surrounded by fall colors
Alaska Railroad crossing
Alaska State Fair
Crossing a fork of the Matanuska River
Aurora 1994
Seward coal train
Mountains, fall foliage, trains - it just doesn't get any better than this!
Turnagain Arm (1976-1978)
A-B-B-B-A at Girdwood (1976-1978)
Oil tank train
Hot box detector
Ski Train 2002
Passenger train from Healy Overpass
Grandview and the Aurora
Passenger train at Riley Creek trestle
Empty tank cars at Healy yard
Whittier Shuttle exiting portal 3 into Bear Valley
Snow Face (late 1980s)
Aerial view of five tunnels in less than one mile
Bicentennial locomotives at Garner Tunnel (1977)

North Pole's 50th anniversary dinner train
No's.2007 and 2008 heading to Fairbanks from North Pole
Passenger train southbound from Fairbanks at Ester (1973)
Oil train is leaving North Pole for Fairbanks at 25 below
Number 1500 leaving south past the earthquake park area (1981)
ALCo number 1612 switching passenger train at Anchorage (1977)
Number 2504 on the highlands approaching the park (1980)
Number 1502 heading a passenger train (1972)
Number 1078 pulling hoppers through Portage (1971)
A-B-A set of the repainted F-7's (1982)
Numbers 1506, 1503, and 1500 in work train service (1979)
Northbound passenger departing Anchorage (1976)
Southbound freight crossing the Riley Creek Trestle (1979)
Of coal and cruise ships
Numbers 1500 and 1503 arriving at the Anchorage depot (1984)
Numbers 1502 and 1530 northbound on Riley Creek trestle (1982)
Termination dust is evident as no. 3015 crosses Riley Creek (1985)
The 1508 & 1507 lead a SB passenger train thru Denali Park (1982)
Eielson Coal train in North Pole 48 below zero
A northbound tank train kicks up snow at the Healy overpass
Number 1530 in Fairbanks
Number 3005 at Bird Creek
A passenger train crossing the Eagle River (1979)
An early March morning at Windy picking up the work train
FP7 1510 along Turnagain Arm with a ten car passenger extra
Palmer Fair Special 1956
A very Alaskan photo...fireweed and a fireball.
A passenger train pulled by one of the new SD70MACs at MP129
Fair Special ARR #1000 North 1957

1031 ALCO RSC-1 on four wheel trucks switching #7 South 1957

Train #3 South is shown departing Anchorage for Whittier 1957

A passenger train crossing the Eagle River (2004)
Six GP49s crossing the Knik overflow bridge
Passenger train at MP 49 in the old loop district (1949-1952)
Santa prefers an SD70MAC over a sleigh
Second tank train off the North Pole branch for 2005
Winter Hurricane Turn approaching Hurricane
Three cruise ships in Seward on the same day
A misty morning in Portage
Low light image of the oil train at the refinery
Bicentennial unit in the lead of a passenger train (1976)
Bicentennial F7A #1512 pulls a passenger train (1977)
F7 Nos. 1522, 1503, 1516 (1977)
Passenger train in the beautiful Alaskan wilderness (1971)
Denali as seen from 4002 North
Snowfall is above the door at Sherman City Hall
No. 4321 South meets the 4002 North at Hurricane
Passenger train halted due to snow slide (1940s)
Chasing Number 3015 along Turnagain Arm (1980)
Southbound passenger train approaches Girdwood
Southbound tank train roars through Healy

Southbound train from Fairbanks, 4004+4005+oil cars at Honolulu
Numbers 4317 & 4016 lead southbound oil train at Fairbanks
Numbers 4007 & 3012 lead freight south from Fairbanks
Numbers 4318 & 4320 arrive Fairbanks with “Denali Star”
Numbers 4324+4010+4015 on coal train to Seward
Numbers 4324+4010+4015 on coal train to Seward
Numbers 4324+4010+4015 on coal train to Seward
Number 4322 north of Portage on “Coastal Classic” to Anchorage
Numbers 4014 & 4002 on northbound oil train at MP129
Numbers 4318 & 4320 pass MP129 on “Denali Star” to Anchorage
Work train crossing Riley Creek
SD70MAC No. 4014 pulls out of the North Pole refinery
Passenger train extra #3015 at Windy (1986)
R.J. McKay at end of the line in Fairbanks (1986)
Ted Prudence getting ice water at Garner (1986)
R.J. McKay running the train (1986)
Whittier shuttle leaving Portage (1986)
RDCs at end of track in Seward (1986)
View from engineer's mirror of #3014 emerging from a tunnel (1986)
Whittier shuttle leaving Portage (1986)
Passenger train inside a tunnel
Princess cars crossing the Alaskan wilderness
Number 2000 at Bird Creek
North Pole oil train
Views of the Alaskan winter from an SD70MAC
Denali Star from 1,000 feet
Whittier tunnel with train
Hauling Rip Rap in Healy Canyon
No. 3005 and passenger train at Denali Depot
No. 1500 at Denali Depot
No. 3014 delivering coal from Healy
P-31 along the Seward Highway
Numbers 1072 and 1078 with Whittier freight #23
ARR #1070 and "Aurora" #6
Four GP49s pulling a mixed train (1983)
Six F7s in the Anchorage Yard
Two beautiful photos from Frank Pantuso's trip
Isn't wintertime in Alaska awesome!
F7 no. 1510 pulling passenger train (1975)
Chasing the Aurora to Wasilla
Aurora on Hurricane Gulch Bridge (1975)
Number 1510 pulling a passenger train (1975)
Number 1606 pulling a freight train (1975)
Freight train on the Ferry bridge (1975)

A long freight train rounds the bend (1975)

Number 2502 heads up an oil train (1975)
Passenger train pulled by Number 1510 (1975)
Riding the Whittier shuttle (1975)
4th of July train above tunnel (1962)
Number 4317 pulls a passenger train along Turnagain Arm
Hurricane Curves
Nenana Sunset
F units taking the sun (1976)
No 1500 at Ferry (1984)
No. 1508 in New York
A string of black and yellow (1984)
Pulling a freight train near McKinley Park (1982)
Arctic Power
Night Light
No. 2809 and 3010 leading a passenger train at Denali Park
Coal train in the Loop District
4005 crosses Glacier Creek
GP-7 #1808 crosses a ghost forest
No. 1580 on the Adirondack RR

Whittier shuttle (1, 2)
"Just Married" (1986)
Seward end of track
Seward passenger train
Extra 1802 at Whittier tank farm (1982)
Extra 1802 (1982)
No. 2502 approaching Matanuska Junction (1982)
No. 1074 heads up a MoW consist (1964)
No. 2502 approaching Matanuska Junction #2 (1982)
No. 3010 in Seattle
A beautiful day at Tunnel
No. 3003 North (1982)
No. 3014 south (1983)
No. 3014 south at MP 151 (1983)
No. 3014 south heading out of Anchorage (1983)
No. 3012 at Hurricane
Southbound passenger train near Healy

Southbound passenger train south of Healy
Aurora Approaching Mt. McKinley National Park
No. 1801 in Fairbanks (1983)
Fall in Healy Canyon
No. 2501 northbound out of Whittier
Aurora, lead by the 1530

Denali Star crosses the Mears bridge
Nenana nights
The Glacier Discovery in Bear Valley
Loading gravel at Healy
A Princess in Nenana
Hurricane Turn at MP239
NB Denali Star at Riley Creek
Denali Star at Cantwell
Southbound passenger train at Bird
Hurricane Turn near Talkeetna

Hurricane Turn near Chase

Fall at Riley Creek bridge
Period Dress
No. 1530 at Honolulu
Coal train at Matanuska Junction

TAIX 7090 at Old Glenn Highway crossing
No. 4327 south of McKinley Park
Anchorage skyline

Hurricane Turn at MP284.2
No. 701 at Matanuska

No. 3006 leading a gravel train
All black lash up on an all black train
Cleaning out the freezer
Weekend northbound passenger train at Garner
DEX approaching Healy
Nancy Lake
Riley Creek
Two train meet
Light at the end of the tunnel
Hurricane Turn at Hurricane Gulch
Coastal Classic
Northbound Whittier train (1986)
No. 3010 at Bird Point (1986)
Bear Valley then and now
Whittier freight
Trumpeter Swans watching passing train

GP7 #1803 on the point of a coal train
Freight train at Portage
GP40-2 #3015 loading the Whittier shuttle at Portage
Tank Train at Garner (1985)
No. 2805 and friends (1985)
No. 3008 in Bear Valley (1986)
Aurora roaring through Montana (1985)
Reflection at MP 145
No. 1506 in fresh snow approaching Girdwood (1986)
Denali Star at Colorado
McKinley Explorer at Healy
Hurricane Turn crew
No. 3009 at Potter
Citizenry of Sherman, Alaska
Scenic Spenard
No. 2804 at Eklutna
Susitna River break up (1975)
Hurricane Gulch via drone
Chasing #3015
Quality Asphalt Paving gravel train in Anchorage
Whittier freight returning to Anchorage
Hurricane Turn (2012)
Talkeetna Bridge from drone
Norwegian Cruise Lines crosses the Trail River
Nearly 9,000 feet of containers and mixed freight at Girdwood
Northbound freight glides across the Matanuska River
Northbound Winter Aurora
Sunset at Potter Marsh
Freight train at Portage
Train crossing Riley Creek
Snow fleet heading to Seward
Snowfall along Turnagain Arm
Night shot at Riley Creek Trestle
Maintenance of Way train along Turnagain Arm
Aerial view of Whittier Tunnel from Bear Valley
Night view of four SD70MACs at Cantwell
Empty hopper train at Ferry
Aurora at Healy

Night shot at Hurricane

Northbound coal at Nenana

Freight train through Nenana

Nordic Ski trai at Curry
Sunset along Turnagain Arm
Northbound freight along Turnagain Arm

Northbound freight #125N departing Whittier

Aurora passenger train heads across the Sheep Creek

Winter's last gasp

Heading for the Hills

Southbound Aurora at Riley Creek

Fall colors at Riley Creek Trestle

Fall colors at Hurricane Gulch Bridge

ARR 1500, 2402 & 1503 lead the Aurora southbound over Hurricane

No. 1802 leading the Whittier Shuttle at west portal of the Portage

No. 3002 on the point of Alaska Fair train departing the Palmer depot

No. 3005 works a gravel train up the Palmer branch at Matanuska

Denali Star at Nenana Canyon

Fall freight

No. 1804 near North Pole

There's no place like Dome

Numbers 3009, 3015 and 2803 heading up a freight along Turnagain Arm

Nenana Canyon

No. 1500 brings NB Anchorage passenger into Fairbanks back (1980)

ARR 2006 heads south with the passenger train along the Susitna River

ARR 3004 leads a daytime southbound freight through Cantwell

ARR 2808 leads a morning northbound freight over the Mears Bridge

ARR 3012 is seen leading the southbound passenger train

Coastal Classic along Kenai Lake

Monster freight

Northbound OX at Mears Memorial Bridge

Southbound coal at Broad Pass

No. 1802 pulling the Whittier Shuttle at west portal of the Portage Tunnel

Whittier shuttle at Portage

ARR 2809 is seen leading a charter/cruise train

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