Alaskan Trees

Are you a model railroader who needs to add some Alaskan trees on your layout? Well let's just get to the root of the problem and find us a branch manager. Ha, ha, ha! Hey, if you didn't find that funny, don't bark at me. Get it? Anywho, the following are some photos of various trees found along Alaska Railroad's tracks. Use these examples to help create your own.

I must admit I am not much of a model builder. Therefore, any requests made to me for assistance in modeling tress will receive my standard reply "Leaf me alone, ash me later." Good luck!

Note from Alden West: "Hope this will help you spruce up your site with proper descriptions. If you've already received a zillion 'helpful' emails such as this don't Birch at me – just quit playin' with your trains and update your fine site."


Thanks goes to Alden West for help in identifying these trees.

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