Modeling in HO Scale

(Locomotive Section)

The Alaska Railroad is a very exciting railroad to model!  Throughout its history, it has used a wide variety of locomotive power even including Mikados.  However, this section will limit its focus on the more modern diesel power.

The majority of model railroaders model in HO scale so it should be fairly easy to find some existing ARR freight stuff, right? Wrong!  However, don't give up quite yet.  You do have three basic options available to you.

First, there are several manufacturers who carry a few ready made items.  Check out Walthers online catalog as they tend to list almost every ARR item available from almost every manufacturer.  Yes, I know it ain't much.  You'll even find a few items for auction on Ebay.

Second, you may want to purchase the necessary prototypical stuff (undecorated model, paint and decals), roll up your sleeves and do it yourself.  More power to ya!  And if you need some help, there are several HO modeling experts listed on my ARR Email Addresses page who would be glad to provide advice and a shoulder to cry on.

[Get ready to guard your wallet]  Lastly, you can pay someone to custom make the stuff for you.  This is extremely expensive, but understandable since this is an extremely labor intensive task.

Okay, have at it!  And make sure to let me know if you discover other sources so I can add them to this ever growing list.

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