Modeling in Z Scale

The table below shows the only available Z scale Alaska Railroad equipment.
Model Type
Stock No.
locomotive Marklin F7A 8819 blue/yellow 1500
locomotive Marklin F7B 8819 blue/yellow 1503
locomotive Marklin F7A 8819 blue/yellow 1502
freight Marklin tank car "BASF" 8687 grey ACFX 19236
freight Marklin box car 8687 blue/yellow
freight Marklin gondola "ARR" 8687 black 13101
freight Marklin tank car "ARR" 8686 silver 9020
freight Marklin box car 8686 blue/yellow
freight Marklin gondola "Canadian National 8686 brown CN 145231
freight Marklin caboose 8686 blue/yellow 1070
freight Micro Trains 50' boxcar 13609-2 yellow/black 11734
freight Micro Trains 50' boxcar 505 00 200 brown/white 10701
passenger Micro Trains Sleeper Car 550 00 040 blue/yellow  
passenger Micro Trains Dome Car 551 00 040 blue/yellow  
passenger Micro Trains Coach Car 552 00 040 blue/yellow  
passenger Micro Trains Baggage Car 553 00 040 blue/yellow  
hopper Full Throttle (Bowser) 70-Ton Offset-Side 3-Bay Hopper set #1 black/yellow 14308, 14340
hopper Full Throttle (Bowser) 70-Ton Offset-Side 3-Bay Hopper set #2 black/yellow 14337, 14343

If you decide to paint your own stuff then use Scalecoat D&H yellow and Scalecoat B&O royal blue for ARR blue and yellow.

Harald Thom-Freudenreich has released an Alaska Railroad two car freight set. Anyone interested can contact Harald by email for information on how to reserve a set ($140). He is also planning to release an Z scale PS2-cd grain hopper at the end of March 2007 plus a future Z scale locomotive.

Also this set is available: Alaska Railroad "Mikado" steam locomotive with tender, three 55 ton USRA twin hoppers and one caboose. Produced in an one time series in a very limited numbers FR item number ZF007 & ZF325j

Märklin Train Sets

In 1993 Märklin produced in a MHI One-time series the Alaska Railroad Train Set to celebrate its 70 year anniversary.  The three piece set contains:

#8819  - Three-Parts Diesel-Electro locomotive F7 of the Alaska Railroad. Wheel arrangement Bo'Bo'+Bo'Bo'+Bo'Bo', blue/yellow, double headlight in front, lettering "Alaska", train numbers 1500 - 1503 - 1502, outside parts with engine, coupler 2, inside part with stiff short couplers, lighted number boards.

#8686  - "Alaska" freight-car set A: ARR caboose, blue/yellow;  ARR boxcar, blue/yellow. ARR tank car, silver; Canadian National gondola, dark-brown.

#8687  - "Alaska" freight-car set B: ARR boxcar, blue/yellow; BASF Wyandotte tank car, olive-green tank, black BASF logo; ARR gondola, black.

Thanks to Steve Wiedmer of Sins, Switzerland for furnishing all of the above photos!

Photographs of Thorsten Loth's 33" x 20" Z scale layout:

Caboose by the river

Locomotives and boxcars

Locomotive crossing the river

A beautiful night scene

Thanks for the information on Z scale goes to Thorsten Loth from Ratingen, Germany

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