Modeling in G Scale

The following is partial list of known G scale Alaska Railroad items. Please email me if you know of others.
Model Type
Stock No.
locomotive USA GP9 locomotive 748-22120 blue/yellow 1802, 1803, 1804, 1821, 1825
locomotive USA GP-38 locomotive R22216 blue/yellow 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006
locomotive USA SD70MAC R22609 blue/yellow 4100, 4101, 4102.
locomotive USA Speeder R22661 blue/yellow 10366
locomotive Aristo-Craft Alco FA-1 diesel 614-22012 blue/yellow 2012
locomotive Aristo-Craft Alco FB-1 diesel 614-22312 blue/yellow 2062
locomotive Aristo-Craft Undecorated Budd RDC-1 ART22800 silver .
freight Aristo-Craft covered gondola 614-41114 yellow/blue  41114
freight Aristo-Craft boxcar steel 614-46027 blue/yellow 46027
freight Aristo-Craft Flat car with two trailers ART-46519 blue/yellow 461519
freight MTH caboose 70-77018 blue/yellow 1052
locomotive USA GP38-2  R22216 blue/yellow 2005
locomotive USA GP38-2  R22216 blue/yellow 2006
locomotive USA GP9  R22120 blue/yellow 1825
freight USA eskimo boxcar R1965 blue/yellow 1965
freight USA reefer car -- Alaska Salmon R16221 red/black .
freight USA reefer car R16204A orange/silver 9005
freight USA reefer car R16204B red/silver 9158
freight USA reefer car R16204C blue/silver 9283
freight USA reefer car R16204D red/silver 9562
freight USA reefer car R16204E yellow/silver 9286
freight USA reefer car R16204F blue/silver 9565
freight USA 40' refrigerator car R16512 yellow/silver  
freight USA caboose R12151 blue/yellow 1072, 1073
freight USA caboose R12117 blue/yellow 1085, 1086, 1087, 1090
freight USA 10,000 gallon tank car R15112 silver 85801, 85802
freight USA reefer car -- Alaska Fish Fertilizer  R-16271 red/black .
freight USA eskimo boxcar R19221A blue/yellow 640008, 640009
freight USA Ore Car R14214 blue/yellow 1953
freight Lionel tank car 78-12852 silver/black 87600

G scale purchases can be made through Charles Ro Supply Company 1-800-225-4424.

If you decide to paint your own stuff then use Scalecoat D&H yellow and Scalecoat B&O royal blue for ARR blue and yellow.

Thanks to Harold Emerick, Dave Botts and Ivar Aas for providing most of the above information.

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