Wreck of #801 near Nenana
August 29, 1950


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801 wreck 1950. L to R: Les Harrington, M. Volera, Don Brennan. The 406 is without its tail end! It's in the brush. By C. A. H. Lind The 801 wreck from the front still embedded in the dirt; Frank Mosher brakeman looks on. 1950. By C. A. H. Lind
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Top view: 801 wreck. Train crew trying to put rails under the engine. 1950. That's my summer home sitting on top. By C. A. H. Lind 1073 sitting on top of 901. 1950. By C. A. H. Lind
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The remains of caboose 1073 destroyed by the 801 wreck. E. W. Barnett - Rd. Eng. F.M (?) By C. A. H. Lind The 801 free and clear in the Nenana Yard. 1950. By C. A. H. Lind

A diesel powered train was headed North out of Nenana Yard with a heavy train and they doubled the grade up to the Mears Bridge, leaving part of their train and the nearly new caboose setting on the main line.The 801 was running ballast/gravel hoppers and came upon the standing caboose and partial train moving too fast to stop. The 406 was the switcher assigned to the Nenana Yard and was not
involved in the wreck. - Patrick Durand

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