Winter Steam Trains in the Loop District post 1948

Winter Winter Winter
Here are some winter action photos from the Mac McCulloch collection dated sometime after 1948 as evidenced by the troop sleeper box cars shown. The location is the South switch on the siding near mile post 52. Notice the depth of snow and appreciate the job done by the switch maintainer. The second photo is the rear of #405 backing around its train on the siding. The third shows a Southbound train approaching on the main to meet #405 in the siding. This photo shows the main line relocated to the left and no longer going under the partially dismantled loop trestle which had not yet been torn down following the line relocation that eliminated the loop. Technically these are not great photos, but the content is priceless. Considering the flat lighting conditions, contrast of the snow, the film and pocket cameras of the day they are pretty impressive. - Commentary by Pat Durand, photographs courtesy of the Mac McCulloch Collection at M.A.T.I.