1943 Whittier Monument

The original WWII 1943 railroad commemorative monument has been dismantled and leveled. The 1200 pound granite plaque with the engraved inscription was rescued by the railroad personnel (it was in danger of falling off which would have been catastrophic) and is now in the care of the City of Whittier. The granite was repolished by a lapidary specialist and all the lettering was redressed with black paint administered with a syringe. The resurrected monument is being relocated at the entrance of the pedestrian tunnel across the street from the P-12 Motor Pool Building. The cement core has been erected and is awaiting the application of the rock work and the plaque. The site will be augmented with three flag poles and lighting. There will be a dedication ceremony at a date yet to be determined. They are promising a 60 day advance notice.

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Survived 9.2 earthquake, 2 tsunami hits and 70 Whittier winters.


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Finale ~ Time: 1943 ~ 2015


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Dedication ceremony is scheduled for Labor Day 2018. The monument is up with time capsules inside and they are just now installing flag poles. Still have the plaza
surfacing to do and hopefully some lighting. It is a little larger than the original but has the original granite inscribed plaque. - Ted Spencer, 10/14/17


Photos courtesy of Ted Spencer (Corps of Engineer troops posing in front of the monument before demolition and the
image of the inscribed plaque), Capt Steven Austria (demolition photos) and Ken Parys (1946 photo).

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