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560 Locomotive 560 on the Anchorage turntable, image, large
1000 and 1001 The first loco is one of the RSD1 locomotives. Notice the sloped cab sides and the six wheel trucks. The second locomotive is either 1000 or 1001 as they were the only two Alco Road Switchers with vertical cab sides., image, large
1010 Locomotive 1010, image, large
1050 Passenger train headed by locomotive 1050, image, large
Anchorage 1915 Old town of Anchorage. July 1st, 1915. start of the government railroad, image, large
Anchorage terminal 1916 Anchorage terminal, 1916. The board walk is coming down Christenson Hill and where the freight shed is setting would be the current Anchorage Depot approximate location. The original depot is the building in the background. The distant water tower served the original Anchorage town site on the south side of ship creek. It stood near Second Avenue and Gambel Street on a site occupied by the Alaska Native Service Hospital for many years. image, large
Achorage yards circa 1930s Anchorage yard, 1930s, image, large
earthquake kills 1828 Earthquake in Seward carries locomotive 1828 three blocks, image, large
First locomotive First train, image, large
Unknonw Loop, date unknown, image, large
Matanuska depot 1937 Matanuska Depot 1937, image, large
Plows Snow-plows removing slide on government railroad between Seward and Anchorage, image, large
Whittier 1945 President Harding drives the golden spike signifying the completion of the railroad. image, large
roundhouse 1920s Government machine shop - round-house and yards, Anchorage. image, large
Seward devistated by quake induced tsunami Seward devastated by quake induced tsunami. image, large
Seward devistated by quake induced tsunami Looks like Montana Creek decided to jump out of its banks and detour through the road bed. This may well have been the last time the two Steam Pile Drivers were in action together. They are driving a temporary set of pile to get the rails connected across the void. Next step will be to bring in rip rap for the up stream side and then use displacement fill between the bridge piling. Montana Creek approaches to the steel deck bridges are now buttressed on the up stream side with large granite boulders forming finger dikes to keep the creek/river moving in its channel. The area above and below the bridge down to the confluence with the Susitna River is a popular fishing spot when the salmon are running. image, large
Seward devistated by quake induced tsunami Rotary pushes through a snowslide
Seward devistated by quake induced tsunami Rotary clearing snow
Seward devistated by quake induced tsunami Passing through a cut in the snow
Seward devistated by quake induced tsunami Clearing a snowslide between Seward and Anchorage
Car 32 Car number 2

Special thanks goes to Michael and Carolyn Nore for providing these images!

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