GP7u 1800


As for Respondek, I am not sure where their corporate headquarters is, but I suspect it is in the St. Louis area, since that is where the bulk of their operations are. They are relatively new to the shortline scene, having typically been an industrial switching outfit prior. The Tri-City Port RR, where RRC 1800 currently resides, is located in Granite City, IL. This is on the Illinois side of the Mississippi River in the St. Louis metro area, and is located within the confines of the former US Army Melvin Price Support Center. It is now a business park, and the Tri-City Port RR provides switching services. - Mike Derrick

Caboose 1082

Photo courtesy of Mike Derrick
August 20, 2005


Respondek, Granite City IL, ex-ARR #1801

Photo courtesy of John Horton
May 29, 2005



Respondek Railroad Corp, Granite City IL, ex-ARR #1801

Photo courtesy of Steven M. Welch
April 09, 2010


It is always a treat to find a nice-looking GP7 sixty-three years after it was built! Respondek Railroad Corporation GP8 1800 rolled out of EMD's Illnois factory in 1951 as United States Army GP7 1838. The engine, which rides on AAR trucks from an Alco trade-in, was later Alaska Railroad 1801, Badger Lumber (BDLX) 1801, Trans Global Solutions (ECRX) 1801 and Missouri Central (MOC) 1800 before being purchased by Respondek. Photographed on railroad property with permission and full PPE.

Photo courtesy of Craig Walker
October 04, 2014