This 0-4-0 located in Fairbanks is H.K. Porter builders plate #1972, built in Pittsburg PA in 1899. It is owned by the Fairbanks Northstar Borough, and is restored and operated on occasion at the Pioneer Park in Fairbanks currently known as 'Alaskaland', by the organization 'Friends of the Tanana Valley Railroad'.

It is an 8 ton Narrow Guage Porter. It was barged from Seattle to St Michael in 1899, then barged all the way up the Yukon River to just below Dawson Yukon to work in the Coal Creek Mine moving coal from the mine to the river for transport to Dawson. It was owned by the Norh American Trade and Transportation Company. It worked there till I believe 1905 when it was purchased by Falcon Joslin and barged to Fairbanks to start the fledging Tanana Valley Railroad. It worked the local lines from Fairbanks to Chena or Fox till it was absorbed by the Alaska Railroad in 1923 and retired in 1924. It never ran after that until we restored it in 1999-2000