Remember GP7 No. 1804?  She was built for the U.S. Army in 1951 and acquired by the Alaska Railroad in 1976.  Later, 1804 (as well as 1810) were sold to Santa Clarita Railway and they were used for the movie Under Seige 2 with Steven Segal.  These two locomotives were again sold, with 1810 going to Samuel's Industries in Milwaukie, OR and 1804 going to the Gold Coast Railroad Museum in Florida.  Alaska Railroad railfan Bob Garner reported, "I contacted the Museum and he stated that [1804] was purchased from the Santa Clarita. It was refurbished in San Antonio and is now [11/23/02] in Birmingham, AL waiting to go to Miami. It is in the ACL purple and silver livery. It will be placed in limited service at the museum."

So I contacted  Chuck LaBow at the museum and he furnished the photo below with the following test. "Here is the first photo I have received of the ACL 1804 on Gold Coast Railroad property.  I realize that it doesn't show anything specifically "Gold Coast" but it is the only image I have available. It is the final paint, but they are working on getting the correct heralds for the nose.  The old ACL logo in that size, takes quite a bit of layout for the sign cutter."



Number 1804 at the Miami Train Museum, September 15, 2010.
Photo courtesy of Jorge R. Mejias