Caboose 1776

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1776 sat in a construction yard for several years along the Old Glenn Highway at Spring Creek. She disappeard for a few months and just before Christmas 2004, like the Phoenix, 1776 appeared in all new paint and carries the herald of Iron Horse Expresso.

Hats off to the folks who did a fantastic job of recreating the Red, White and Blue Centennial scheme used by the Alaska Railroad. When I last photographed the crummy, she was just that, inside and out. Thanks for a Job well done.

You can pay homage, by stopping by on the main drag through downtown Eagle River for a java jolt.

Modelers Note. For HO modelers, get your orders in for the Overland 1776 version of the caboose. Don't you just want to kit bash one into the Iron Horse Expresso stand! You can always use the trucks and
couplers on something else. - Pat Durand


Additional note from ARR Conductor Duane Frank [1/29/05]: "It is owned by Doug Johnson, ARR Conductor, and his wife. It is a coffee/espresso/latte stand. During operating hours the beacon on top of the cupola is turned on!!!!!"