Electro Motive Division B/N 1818 built 5/52 Model MRS-1 C-C trucks adjustable from meter gauge to five foot gauge. Number 1818 was one of 13 EMD built MRS-1 locomotives while ALCO built some 83 units. Delivered new to the Army Transportation Corp. and sent to Aachen, Germany. In 1953 she received orders to provide test demonstration runs for German French and Belgian railway engineers. Favorably received by the Belgian’s this resulted in the design and construction of the NOHAB locomotives type 202/203 in 1955. These locomotives were reported still in service in 1999. She was renumbered U.S. Navy #574 while at the Hawthorne, Nevada Naval Ammo Depot. In December 1977 the Alaska Railroad received several of the ALCO and EMD MRS-1 units on transfer from DOD storage. #1818/574 became Alaska Railroad #1718 and after some modifications to meet FRA rules she was placed in service and eventually dedicated to power the U.S. Air Force Alaskan Command mobil command post. The ALCOP train, as it was known, was a self contained command and control center that could be moved up and down the railroad disguised as an ARR passenger train. As such #1718 was the only MRS-1 to obtain the blue and yellow ARR paint scheme as a form of camouflage. In 1993 the ALCOPS train was outdated and the locomotive moved to Clear AFS where she was lovingly cared for by the Coal Crew Clear who supplied coal to the base power plant. Upon retirement in 1999 the locomotive was purchased by the Museum of Alaska Transportation and Industry with donations made to the MRS-1 #1818/1718 Preservation Fund. Thanks to donors from Belgium, France, Germany, England the United States and here in Alaska, the last MRS-1 in military service has been preserved by the Museum at Wasilla, Alaska.