Most if not all of the passenger cars with 1502 are former ARR cars.

Additional note from Jody [7/6/03]: "A recent post inquired about the former ARR F unit in Yakima. I can verify that is has been moved, about two blocks west of Track 29 to the end of an unused spur, along with one passenger car and the round end observation from the Track 29 train.  The rest of the passenger cars and a caboose that were removed from Track 29 about five years ago are sitting in a field at a trucking company near the tracks about a mile north of the mall. Track 29's attractive train mall was removed about five years ago to make room for more parking spots."

Additional note from Brian Fritz [11/22/04]: "The photos and text concerning the 1502 intrigued me as I'd been over to Yakima (from Seattle) only a couple of months ago to take pictures of the collection at Track 29. During those two visits, I did not see the 1502.

"However, it is still there. It is back a bit from Yakima Ave (which crosses in front of the locomotive) behind a signal gate stand. If you happen to be driving west on Yakima Ave looking to make a left turn on Third Ave to visit the Yakima Valley Trolley Barn, you would probably not see the 1502 around the corner on the right as I didn't!

"I've attached photos taken this past Saturday, November 20, 2004."

1502 #1

1502 #2


July 1989